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If Under Armour is to sustain that momentum, experts say, the quality of the product needs to be more important than the athlete endorsing it.

"Brands must keep executing great product in order to gain kicks for sale online share," Powell said. "The Curry One is a terrific shoe — Under Armour's first 'street shoe.' But they must keep developing great product for the most demanding consumer."

B. Riley & Co. analyst Jeff Van Sinderen agrees.

"At the end of the day, product is still number one," kicks shop online said Van Sinderen. "You can have the best athletes in the world, but if the product is not strong, it won't really matter."

Regarding Nike's endorsement success, Van Sinderen said the firm's strategy for selecting and marketing top-notch athletes has certainly served them well over the years.

"Not everyone will prove to be a perfect pick, but they have a number of 'marquis' athletes to support the brand and that goes a long way," Van Sinderen said of the firm whose other buy cheap kicks online endorsements have included Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.

As for the golf market and its celeb endorsers, Powell said he is not so optimistic about Spieth's ability to bolster renewed interest in the sport.

"Golf lost the millennials a long time ago, so I don't see any golfers kicks for cheap online having much of an impact with the core demographic of teen males," Powell said.